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Teaching Place Value issue

I brought my topic from school mathematics education for the Discussion Should we shift the teaching of the concept of place value at high…

Started by Pramod Maithil

9 Sep 19, 2008
Reply by Jayasree Subramanian

Logical statement

p is a logical statement which is either TRUE or FALSE but not both. tautology is a statement which is always TRUE. fallacy(contradiction)…

Started by madhu

2 Sep 16, 2008
Reply by E Krishnan


How could you prove that there is onto homomorphism between symmetric group of 12 elements and group Z/60Z which is under addition modulo?

Started by harish kumar

1 Sep 13, 2008
Reply by B.Sury

continity of a function

if we define a function on domain {1,2,3} such that the corresponding values fo 1, 2,3 are 7,8,9 then is the function callled continuous on…

Started by shakun yawatkar

6 Sep 12, 2008
Reply by E Krishnan


I see that most text-books here and abroad define a ratio a : b simply as another name for the fraction a/b. I think this goes against the…

Started by E Krishnan

2 Sep 10, 2008
Reply by E Krishnan


f(x)=1/x..what can you say about the continuity of this function a figure is attached.. What will happen if its domain is R-{0}

Started by madhu

1 Sep 5, 2008
Reply by E Krishnan

iMEN making NEWS!

Prof. A. Vijayakumar told me that iMEN, just a month old, is already making news . Please see the attached file.

Started by Inder Kumar Rana

0 Sep 3, 2008

mathematics modeling

Working model on conic section.How to show the formation of a conic section with the help of a cone and a plane?

Started by Hiranya Bora

2 Sep 3, 2008
Reply by Inder Kumar Rana


How can we integrate "x tan x" ?

Started by Anoop Kumar M.K.

1 Aug 27, 2008
Reply by E Krishnan

Does the isomorphism exist?

Consider a set S and SXS... The choice of law of composition in both sets is upto you... (under the constraint that it should satisfy the g…

Started by Soumyashant Nayak ISI Bangalore

3 Aug 27, 2008
Reply by E Krishnan


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